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Update: King North East

Planning Department Planning Report No. P-2019-12

HE: Functional Servicing/Development Area Study, FSDAS-2017-01 Subject Lands: King City East — Phase 2 (North); Part of Lots 5 — 10, Cone. 3Applicant: King City East Landowners Group

Arial Overview of Project

All of Council voted to support the recommendations of staff for the Functional Servicing/Development Area Study (FS/DAS) to be approved once the many conditions are met.  The FS/DAS is a comprehensive set of studies supporting the establishment of developable areas. The development is 205 ha, which include 921 single detached residences, 73 townhouses and 77 seniors lifestyle condominium townhouses.  This is the final step before a draft plan of the development will be presented to council. I will continue to keep the community updated and encourage all members of the community to reach out if they have any questions or concerns.

Side note there will be NO CONNECTION from Tawes Trail into the new development.

The full report can be found here.


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