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Amendment to Fence By-Law 2012-132

After a number of residents bring this issue to my attention I am so glad to see that staff have allowed for amendment to our fence by-law.

Beginning April 27, 2021 Public Works has been approving Pool Enclosure Permits that include the grading, drainage and pool enclosures (fences). Staff are recommending the following amendments to the By-Law. The proposed amendments were prepared in consultation with the By-law and Building Divisions Managers.

Addition of More Design Options

• The current By-Law does not contemplate Metal, Vinyl or Horizontal fencing which limits safe, design compliant options for residents.

• The proposed By-law provides design requirements for metal and vinyl designs.

• The proposed By-law provides for approval of horizontal fencing at the discretion of the Public Works Director. Requirement to comply with the Site Alteration By-Law

• Included wording to specifically identify that all proposed site alterations must be in compliance with the Site Alteration By-Law.

Permit Name Change

• Staff is recommending the Pool Enclosure Permit be changed to simply Pool Permit.

• This will better reflect that the required permit under the Fence By-Law is an all inclusive permit for grading, drainage and zoning.

Minor Modifications

• Provide chain link fencing space opening clarification.

• Include tree branches as potential projection (if it makes boundary fence climbable).


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