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12765, 12781, 12789 Keele Street and 17 Elizabeth Grove, King City

The report in front of Council on Monday Feb 28, 2022 is to be received for information purposes only. This application is being heard at the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT).

The revised plans have been shared with residents as an update and notice of the Committee of the Whole meeting, which has been provided to allow an opportunity for the public to provide comments. This is being done to ensure the highest level of public engagement and to ensure that residents are given every opportunity to contribute in the process. This meeting and report goes well above the statutory requirements in the planning act.

Background: A Public Meeting with respect to the subject Applications was held on September 28, 2020 for the purposes of obtaining comments on a revised proposal for a 6-storey building containing 161 residential apartment units. Planning Staff prepared a Report GMS-2020-15 and Council directed Staff to continue to work with the Applicant in advance of the OLT hearing to try and address the issues raised.

The Applications were revised in March 2021 and circulated for review and comment to Township Departments and agencies. An update to Council was provided on May 10, 2021 (Report GMS-2021- 19) at which time Council directed Staff to report back to Committee of the Whole in advance of the OLT Hearing to outline the overall status of the Applications and any revisions submitted by the Applicant and further recommendations of Staff.

On December 22nd, 2021, Township Planning Staff received further revisions from the Applicant (identified as the “December Submission”). The purpose of this Report is to provide Council with a further update on the December Submission and provide an opportunity for the public to provide their comments and concerns.

Planning Staff has provided written and electronic notice to interested parties that the matter will be before Council on February 28th, 2022. Planning Staff also made available both hard copies of the plans or electronic links upon request. Please request one if interested.

The report outlines in great detail the changes in the December submission. It also speaks in great detail on everything from the shadow study, to parkland dedication, traffic impacts and much more and I will simply let the report speak for itself. Staff will be present to answer any questions residents may have during the meeting.

Personal note - as I continue to strive for excellence in representing residents in Ward 1. I must make it clear based on discussion with the Township Solicitor that it is best for all resident questions and feedback to be send directly to planning staff. This application will be heard at the OLT and that means that Council will need to take a position and direct staff. This will be done in Closed Session due to the legal nature of the matter. I will not share any details of a Closed Session meeting so please do not ask. I have heard residents loud and clearly through this process and I will continue to commit to representing their interests as my highest priority.


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