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Election Day Results

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

I truly want to thank each and everyone of my supporters as without you none of this would be possible! I am excited to represent Ward 1 in King Township.

King Sentinel

Two new faces will join re-elected incumbents on King council for the coming term. Two races saw the winners emerge with slim, 56-vote margins.

Cescolini said he was on pins and needles on election night, adding he knew he had an uphill battle against the 12-year veteran. He said he started his campaign early and stuck with his message. He said one key was getting the young people out to vote this year. The bottom line is that everyone – all of the candidates and constituents – loves King and King City.

From here on in, Cescolini said he will work on his personal connections and focus on the issues. He wants to focus on “what unifies us.”

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