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Stateview Homes

One of the biggest concerns I heard during the election campaign was that residents failed to be informed of major projects happening within their own neighbourhoods. I believe it is the responsibility of a Councillor to keep residents informed, so on March 17th, 2019 I spent the day canvassing Dennison Street, East Humber Drive, and Humber Valley Crescent talking to residents. I was please to meet passionate residents who knew of the Stateview project but had no idea that a public meeting was being held on March 18th, 2019.

Stateview Homes Project Map

During the public meeting, we had a full Council Chamber as many residents were eager to share their concerns of this project. After hearing the residents of my ward so strongly oppose this development, I made it clear during the meeting that under no circumstances would I ever support a project like this!

To continue to help me fight this development, that in my opinion, is not suitable for this area please email me. Also to stay informed please email the clerks department and ask to be placed on the notification list for the Stateview Homes project.

To read the full article from the King Sentinel, click here:


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