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King City Streetscaping Project Approved

On Monday, May 13th, 2019 Council unanimously approved the tender for the King City Streetscaping project.

Staff Recommended the following:

The Parks, Recreation & Culture Department respectfully submit the following recommendations:

a) That report PRC-2019-13 be received as information; and

b) That Rafat General Contractor Incorporated, being the lowest compliant bidder (Tender 2019-T07) with a total bid in the amount of $7,780,446 (incl HST) be awarded the contract for construction of the King Road Streetscaping work.

Full Staff Report Can Be Found HERE.

I truly believe this project will be hugely beneficial for King City and all of the Township. The investment in our core-areas will continue to promote King Township as a top place to live in all of Canada. This investment will also attract businesses to enter our core-areas and provide new goods and services for residents. As well as provide employment opportunities all while shifting the burden of property taxes from you the homeowners.

Another important note is that King Township is leveraging our investment by taking advantage of many grants from York Region which has helped make this project impactful and cost effective for the ratepayers. I will continue to fight for positive changes that enhance the quality of life for residents all while being mindful of the budget.


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