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GO Expansion Program - Upgrades to King City GO Station

Metrolinx is completing a number of infrastructure upgrades on the Barrie corridor between Aurora and Toronto to facilitate Go Expansion and double tracking of the Barrie rail line.

Community Engagement:

  • Early January, Metrolinx delivered a project introduction flyer to all houses nearby to the construction site.

  • Currently reaching out to community organizations offering introductory briefings.

  • Early February, contractor will be offering precondition surveys to properties immediately adjacent to the construction zone.

In King, these upgrades are being delivered in two contracts: Barrie Contract 3 Phase 1 & Barrie Contract 3 Phase 2.

To enable GO Expansion and double tracking of the Barrie Corridor, Metrolinx is about to kick off construction for Barrie Contract 3 Phase 1. The construction area of the rail corridor in phase 1 is between Dufferin St and Bathurst St with construction starting in February 2021.

There will be five at-grade crossings within King Township:

  • Station Road (Township) - Moderate Whistle Impact

  • Dufferin Street (York Region) - Low Whistle Impact

  • 15th Sideroad (York Region) - Low Whistle Impact

  • Bathurst Street (York Region) - Low Whistle Impact

  • Toll Road (Township) - Low Whistle Impact

Development intensification in vicinity of Keele, Dufferin.

*Impact based on existing level of residential development within 500 metres.

Here is what to expect from each phase:

Barrie Contract 3 Phase 1 : Construction to start in February 2021

The construction will include the following work:

  • Site walks, surveys, precondition surveys

  • Establish laydown sites

  • Clearing, earthworks, fencing, installation of two retaining walls, installation of culverts

  • Installation of safety barrier at Bathurst St Bridge

Community Impacts:

  • There will be no changes to the existing traffic configuration or any changes to transit services during construction.

  • Nearby residents may notice construction crews, equipment, ambient lighting and noise from the site.

  • Construction will mainly take place Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm.

  • Bathurst Street Bridge work will require overnight work for an extended period. Residents will be notified in advance of any overnight construction.

Whistle Cessation Process:

  • Metrolinx will install proper CROR signage

*It should be noted that, even if whistle cessation has been implemented, operations may still sound whistles for safety reasons such as weather, animals, trespassers, etc.

Barrie Contract 3 Phase 2:

Noise walls:

The largest reduction of potential noise increases will come from electrification of core segments of the network. The bulk of service increase will be delivered by electric trains, which are near silent at low speeds, starting and stopping, and when stopped.

King City Go Upgrades:

As part of the Barrie Contract 3 Phase 2, there will be upgrades being made to the King City GO Station.

Upgrades will include:

  • More Parking

  • New West Platform

  • Pedestrian bridges to access new platform

  • Passenger Pick-up and Drop-off

  • Improved bicycle facilities

I am pleased to see the progress made on this mode of sustainable public transit. I would like to emphasis that Council, the Mayor and myself have continued to stand up and advocate for whistle cessation. This job of silencing the whistle is not a municipal function but rather the responsibility of MTO. The Province is the one creating the noise pollution by increasing the frequency of trains and they must be the ones to bare the cost of mitigating this noise pollution. By all indications we are on track and I ask residents to please be patient with the process as your concerns are being heard.


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