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Working Hard to Create a Better Service Experience for King Township Residents

During the election I continued to hear over and over about how residents could never get accurate, quick and reliable answers when they called the Municipal offices. I took all the concerns and with Council's support we implemented the "new ServiceKing program".

The program is focused on four main areas:

1. Enhance customer service access at all levels.

2. Create a customer service culture that responds to the needs of all our citizens, council and staff.

3. Easily retrievable and high quality information is readily available for staff when responding to citizens.

4. Create technology solutions to monitor, track and analyze interactions, while also tracking satisfaction levels.

I promised real change and starting with allowing residents to have access to high quality and timely information is a huge step in the right direction. The table below outlines currently what services are offered over the phone or at the ServiceKing help desk.

By leveraging technology such as our CRM (Citizen Relationship Management) and investing smartly in better software Council is able to increase service levels and ensure consistency for all residents. This is all being done in an incredibly cost effective and responsible manner to ensure that every tax dollar is being invested thoughtful.

The ServiceKing program started February 2019 and below is a small graphic that shows how much work is being now handled by the ServiceKing representatives.

I have received many compliments on the new system and how happy residents have been with being able to have questions answered quickly, reliably and without being transferred many times.

This is just one way I continue to work hard for the residents of Ward 1 in making real change. I know the system is not perfect and I am always happy to hear constructive feedback so that King Township can move closer to service excellence.


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