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Update - Planning Application - King Road (Old Township Office)

On October 24, 2019, the first of two public meetings were held for this application. The meeting included a presentation from the applicant and time for residents to ask questions. I took time to look at the application as well as some of the detailed renderings of a potential 6 storey building. I spoke with many interested residents from Ward 1 as well as other residents from across King Township.

I have heard from many people around Ward 1 that different housing options are needed for people downsizing as well as for young couples looking for their first property together. It should be no surprise to residents that with Provincial Mandates that include a focus on intensification that more applications like this will be coming to Council.

Unfortunately, Ward 1 has the largest share of usable (serviced by sewers) Village Core and Major Transit Area under the new Official Plan, so most multi-storey application will be in Ward 1. I have always been honest with residents and this is just a matter of circumstances that cumulated to see this sort of growth.

I will however, continue to fight so that every development is built to the highest standards of quality, environmental sustainability and overall natural heritage to ensure that King City remains the best place to live.

More information about the application below:

2075 King Road

File Numbers: OP-2019-03, Z-2019-08

Submitted: August, 2019

Applicant: Zancor Homes (King Cort)

Proposal: Residential infill consisting of 252 units within a 5 to 6 storey building and includes two levels of underground parking for 390 vehicles.

Status: 1 of 2 Public Meetings Completed


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