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Update -Planning Application - Carmichael Cres - Public Meeting - October 21, 2019

A date has been set for the public meeting in front of council for this application on October 21, 2019, at 6:00 PM. This meeting will take place at the Township of King Municipal Council Chambers at 2585 King Road, King City.

This is the final public consultation before the application is reviewed by staff and then taken back to Council for a decision. I strongly encourage all residents interested in having their voices heard please attend and speak. No decision is going to be made by Council on October 21, it is truly just to get the publics input.

Below is a summary of the application.


198 Carmichael Crescent

File Numbers: Z-2019-05, SPD-19-37

Submitted: July, 2019

Applicant: Westview Star Equity Inc.

Proposal: Proposal to amend by-law to add an additional use (Temporary Model Home) to facilitate a temporary sales and presentation centre on an existing residential lot.

Status: 1st Submission Review, Public Meeting Fall 2019

Personal Remarks: As per the petition I have received from over 45 homes on Carmichael Crescent I will not support this application. I believe that this change of use is not acceptable in an established neighbourhood, no buffer is in the plan, the backyard will be converted to a parking lot, and the residents have expressed their opposition. I will always stand with Ward 1 residents.

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