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Update on Starbucks Drive Through Application ​

On April 1, 2019, the following application was heard by council:

Planning Department Report Number P-2019-11

Re: Official Plan Amendment Application, File No. OP-2018-01

Zoning By-law Amendment Application, File No. Z-2018-01

Site Plan Development Application, File No. SPD-18-08

65M-4295, Block 110

10 Spring Hill Drive, King City

Staff recommended:

a) That Planning Report P-2019-11 be received as information;

b) That Zoning By-law Amendment application (Z-2018-01) to amend Zoning By-law 2017-66 from "Future Use" (F) to "Commercial General (01-3)" Exception Section and that Official Plan Amendment application, (OP-2018-01) to re-designate the subject lands from "Low Density Residential 1 Area" to "Mixed Use Area" and that Site Plan Development Approval application (SPD-18-08) as submitted by Springreen Holdings Ltd, BE APPROVED subject to all outstanding review comments being addressed to the satisfaction of all commenting agencies;

c) That the Director of Planning be delegated final approval authority to approve the final submission documents and execute the subsequent Site Plan Development Agreement associated with Site Plan Development Application (SPD-2018-08) subject to all outstanding review comments being addressed to the satisfaction of all commenting agencies.

After many thoughtful and insightful deputation were made in front of council, a lengthy discussion ensued. Many valid points were raised during this debate including the impact to residents from traffic infiltration, noise pollution, visual impact to the surrounding neighbourhood and environmental concerns just to name a few. The full report which recommended council allow this application, answered fully or partially most of the concerns raised. For example the traffic would be mitigated with a direct right in right out access onto King Road.

This was a tough decision for all members of council. I know every member took everything into consideration. In the end council voted 4-3 in favour of the application. After many conversations with residents impacted by this application, I felt that the application could have done more to address concerns raised by residents. However, I am in support of business in King Township and believe that this application with proper oversight can be very beneficial. It is important to develop our community's employment lands which will help to reduce the tax burden on the homeowners. I will stand by residents of Spring Hill Drive and work collaboratively to find solutions if any concerns arise from the application.


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