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Transportation Master Plan - Final Approval Coming Before Council

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

After many months of public consultation, traffic studies and council input the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is ready for approval. The TMP document has to be updated by the Township as per Provincial guidelines.

The TMP document can be found in the link below:

The purpose of this study is to measure real traffic data and create a broad scoped snapshot of what is happening on our roadways. This updated data will be presented to Council by staff with a plan that reflects and conforms to all Regional and Provincial regulations.

For example, once a road reaches a predetermined amount of traffic volume (the volume numbers are set by the Region) it is up to this report to identify the roadway and make recommendations based on the new level of volume. One recommendation could include Regional uploading and expansion or if it is a particular intersection it could recommend signal lights. Please note just because a roadway or intersection was identified does not mean it will be improved. There is an Environmental Assessment process, budget restrictions and at the end of the day Council has the final say if a project moves forward. This TMP is based on a data driven process and must follow Provincial and Regional policies. Staff is bound to present Council a document that respects those criteria.

Comments from the public and Council have been consolidated into the attached tables prepared by the Consultant WSP. Changes that were recommended by the Consultant and staff have been incorporated into the final 2020 Transportation Master Plan. Some of the significant changes are highlighted below:

1. A policy statement was added to enforce Council's Climate Emergency Declaration and outline how the TMP Update contributes to the Climate Action Plan.

2. A new Short Term Recommendation was added to identify and evaluate key destination and Major Transit Station Area (MTSA) walk-able pathways within the Township and prioritize for implementation.

3. The Signature Class Collector definition was revised to better clarify its distinction from the Urban Collector definition.

4. Discussion was added outlining the Town's efforts to have Metrolinx include whistle cessation infrastructure into their Barrie Line Expansion project.

5. Future subdivision development roadway networks were revised to reflect updated information.

The TMP is a great road map for Council to reference going forward and will provide York Region key insights as they begin their own TMP review. I encourage all interested residents to read the document and if they have concerns or questions to please attend Monday's Council meeting.


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