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Tax Mill Rate decreases by 7%

As promised during the election I would work hard to reduce the burden of the rising cost of living each resident is feeling. During the 2019 budget process tough decisions had to be discussed. We had to balance large infrastructure projects such as the gravel to hard surfaces paving project and new township wide recreation centre with the need be mindful of residents fiscal needs.

The tax mill rate decreasing by 7% does not mean your property bill will decrease by that amount. King Township only receives 40% of property taxes collected while York Region (40%) and the Education Board (20%) received the other roughly 60%. Their respective budgets will impact your property tax bill differently.

The other KEY component that will determine your decrease is your MPAC valuation. If your home increases by more than 7% you will see an increase and if your home valuation is lower than 7% you will see a decrease.

The full 4-Year capital budget was not approved due to concerns from myself and Councillor Schneider. I will continue to fight to increase service levels at a sustainable and fiscally responsible rate.

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to email.

Click here to read the full article from the King Sentinel:


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