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Stateview Homes (AD) - Yearly Update

File No. OP -2018-03, Z-2018-07, and 19T-18K05.

Location - Multiple parcels just north of Dennison Street along Keele.

Proposal - 56 townhomes.

Received - September 14, 2018.

Date Deemed Completed - November 14, 2018.

Date of Public Meeting - March 19, 2019.

Current Status - Appealed to LPAT waiting for Pre-Hearing Conference.

Council Decision - The application was appealed to LPAT before Council could make a decision on the proposal.

Personal Comments - I have worked closely with residents and the newly formed ratepayers group to ensure that the application conformed to the desires of the residents. The residents were more than fair with their requests and I will continue to support their position as this application goes through the LPAT process. Once again I want to make it clear, once an application goes to the LPAT it is out of Council's hands. The LPAT decision is final and is not appealable by either the Township, residents, or the developer.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


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