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Stateview Application Update

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Background Information:

This application has been brought forward to the LPAT (Local Planning Appeal Tribunal). As of right now, the decision making authority is not with Council, but is now with the LPAT. King Township is participating in the hearing for this application.

Council, Staff, and myself have heard your concerns with the application and are working with the applicant in addressing the concerns for the LPAT.

Consideration for the Township's new Official Plan - The site is currently zoned established neighbourhood and does not support this build form.

Proposed residential density - Residents have been concerned with the density on this site, the application would require medium density with proposed density at 40 units per hectare. This is over the maximum density of 25 units per hectare allowed in the King City Community Plan.

Environmental buffers - Both the Township and Community plan require a minimum of 30 metres of vegetation protection zone adjacent to the natural heritage features, this development falls short with buffers as small as 20 metres.

Built form compatibility - The subject applications proposes a maximum height of 12.5 metres, the surrounding homes are primarily one or two-storey dwellings. The architectural design of the proposal is still under review by the Township's Peer Review Architect.

Site design and lotting - The review of the application includes matters with respect to the compatibility and transition between the proposed new and the existing residential areas. Staff has identified concerns with the following; minimum lot area, minimum front yard, minimum exterior side yard, maximum lot coverage, minimum lot frontage, minimum rear yard, minimum setback to daylight triangle, maximum height.

Stormwater management and hydrogeology - The Township Peer Review Engineers and the TRCA have provided a comment on the Application in relation to stormwater management, storm drainage and hydrogeology.

Access and traffic concerns - Concerns have been raised over access and traffic into the site. Based on the applicant’s Transportation Study, the Region of York has stated that a right-in, right-out access onto Keele Street from the development site is appropriate in conjunction with a full move intersection on Dennison Street. Residents and the King Heritage Park Ratepayers Association have expressed concerns with the proposed access at Dennison Street and have requested the installation of traffic lights in previous discussions.

Servicing capacity - Comments from York Region and the Township’s Peer Review Engineers request the inclusion of a Holding provision related to servicing.

There will be another report coming to Council on June 7th 2021 concerning the application prior to the appeal hearing going to LPAT.

Find the full report here.


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