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Road Improvements

It is my pleasure to share the good news of our road program with residents. At the beginning of this term I wanted to make roads a priority issue and to ensure we not only maintain our roads but continue to improve on them.

The 2020 Paving Program is structured around balancing two strategies: maintaining assets and infrastructure and the Financial Pillar by converting gravel roads to asphalt, which in turn will reduce maintenance costs over time, and improve drivability. These strategies focus on roads that connect people and places, in concert with the directions identified in the King Township Transportation Master Plan (2015). The TMP informs the annual paving program through road classification and goods movement corridor identifications, both of which are derived from current and predicted traffic data extending through to the year 2031.

Below is a Summary Table of Which Roads will see Improvements:

Below is the Table to Show the Cost of the Work

(Split Between Gravel to Asphalt and Repaving Work)

A Map of Roads that will see Improvements:

Below a Map of Remaining Gravel Roads:


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