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Public Meeting - 2075 King Road, King City (Old Municipal Centre)

There will be a public meeting held on Monday, November 18, 2019. This meeting will be for public consultation only. No decision will be made by Council, the purpose of this meeting is so that the applicant as well as planning staff can hear the concerns of the residents and take that into consideration when forming the final application and report to present to Council at a later date.

The reason that this public meeting is important is because it gives staff as well as the applicant time to actually respond to feedback and make alterations to the plan. Coming the day of the decision will not adequately give time for staff to address concerns, and it truly puts Council in a tough position.

I have already spoken in my newsletter about this application, the applicant is asking for a six storey condominium building with around 250 units. The site is the old municipal centre which is at King Road and Banner Lane.

King Townships new Official Plan does allow for up to six storey buildings in our King City core, this is not out of the idea of possibility but I want to emphasis that the Official Plan put into place strict requirements that must be met. I am not in favour or against this application I am solely asking for the residents to come and participate in shaping our future.

Please find attached notices below:

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