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Proposed All-Way Stop Sign Implementation At Elizabeth Grove And Patton Street

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

A report is coming to Council on November 4, 2019, I asked for this report months ago, the purpose of this report was to investigate the proposed idea of creating an all-way stop at the intersection of Elizabeth Grove and Patton Street.

The reason for my concern is primarily due to the residents reaching out explaining that vehicle traffic is unsafely traveling through their quiet street as a short cut for the Go Train parking. I am deeply concerned, as per my ask to staff was to investigate average speeds and to report back on their findings.

I have attached the full staff report as well as their traffic counter study. As per their investigation staff is NOT recommending the implementation of the all-way stop. I truly believe that this decision will not be sufficient to ensure that commuters are not speeding recklessly.

I am sincerely reaching out to all residents on Elizabeth Grove to come to council on November 4, 2019, at 6:00PM at the municipal centre to voice their strongest opposition and to appeal with me to implement not only an all-way stop but also to have a fulsome conversation on what can be done to ensure road safety on our residential street is priority number one.

Please find full staff report link :


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