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Update - Planning Application - King Road

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

On September 23, 2019, the second public consultation was held for this application in front of Council. During the meeting many passionate residents came forward to talk about their opposition to this development. The following is what I heard:

  • The design elements of a "modern" flat roof was unacceptable to the natural heritage of the area. The applicant should consider a more traditional approach with a pitched roof in attempts to blend the development in with an already established area.

  • Traffic on King Blvd was already very chaotic during pick up and drop off at the King City Elementary School times and that a poorly designed exit so close to a main road will increase the likelihood of accidents.

  • That the only 3 visitor parking spots was not enough for 12 townhomes especially since each home only came with one garage spot and one driveway spot. This would surely increase street parking in an already busy and congested area.

Overall, I believe that the residents make a strong case and that many of their criticizes can be addressed by the applicant with small simple changes. I will only support this application if those changes to the design, addition of parking spots and better access are addressed in a meaningful way.


2000, 2008 King Road

File Numbers: OP-2019-01, Z-2019-03, 19T-19K03

Submitted: May, 2019

Applicant: P. Rotundo Enterprises Inc.

Proposal: Residential infill consisting of 12 freehold common element townhomes, served by a condominium road

Status: Waiting for resubmission and Council Decision


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