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Planning Application - Carmichael Cres

198 Carmichael Crescent

File Numbers: Z-2019-05, SPD-19-37

Submitted: July, 2019

Applicant: Westview Star Equity Inc.

Proposal: Proposal to amend by-law to add an additional use (Temporary Model Home) to facilitate a temporary sales and presentation centre on an existing residential lot.

Status: 1st Submission Review, Public Meeting Fall 2019

Personal Remarks: As per the petition I have received from over 45 homes on Carmichael Crescent I will not support this application. I believe that this change of use is not acceptable in an established neighbourhood, no buffer is in the plan, the backyard will be converted to a parking lot, and the residents have expressed their opposition. I will always stand with Ward 1 residents.


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