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Official Plan for the Township of King Approved by Council

After 40 years with an Official Plan, Council has finally passed a new Official Plan last council meeting. This plan was unanimous supported by all members of council with some minor changes at the meeting. Some points of interest below:

  • I was proud to ensure that the Established Neighbourhoods north of King Road and Keele Street were changed from Village Core back down to Established Neighbourhood designations. This change will protect the homes on Dennison and East Humber from overdevelopment.

  • I was not entirely pleased with Councils reluctance to change the maximum height of Village Core down from 6 storey to 4 storey. So as of now if a development demonstrates certain "criteria" our new Official Plan allows for up to 6 storey developments to take place in the core of King City. The Mayor made it very clear that only under these specific circumstances will this height be allow. I will continue to hold the Mayor and developers accountable for this criteria as to ensure that development does not overrun our beautiful King City core. But rather develops to meet the needs of our seniors and young families in a tasteful manner.

  • I am happy to see that the new Official Plan will protect established neighbourhoods and not allow lot severances in these areas.

One thing I do want to remind residents is that, this document is not written in stone and will evolve with time as York Region policies and Provincial policies change and reflect the changing needs of the people. Myself as your Ward 1 Councillor will always prioritize the residents voices and ensure that the sprit of the Official Plan is always held to every decision we make.

Overall, it has been a long time coming for this Official Plan, works began on this document 5 years ago. I am happy to continue to work hard for the residents of Ward 1 to delivery timely results including a new Official Plan that is truly a legacy document for this Council, I will work hard to ensure all our planning tools are up to date so we are never left with ineffective policies or frameworks.


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