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Official Plan Application, File NO. OP-2019-02 Location: 50 Tatton Court

A new application has been put forward for Council. The application is in Ward 1 on Tatton Court, which is behind the Coppa's Plaza. I have read the initial proposal. I am eager and ready to hear feedback from residents, regarding this application.

A little back story on this site. It was initially proposed as homes almost 10 years ago, the reason it was zoned for commercial was because of the noise from the lumber yard behind was too much for residential. The commercial was to act as a buffer zone for the homes.

Now the new application proposes a sound barrier at the rear of the homes to mitigate the noise and make it appropriate for residential uses. So the changes they are seeking is from commercial to residential.

Please feel free to read the application below. If you are interested in receiving updates on this specific application, email and reference the application number below and you will be sent emails to notify you on public meetings regarding this issue.


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