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Marylake - 14260 Keele Street

Background information:

Council did not endorse an MZO and made that clear in our resolution by clearly stating we DO NOT ENDORSE the MZO request. This report is not asking for an endorsement of an MZO.

The report in front of Council is for information purposes, Council is not being asked for a decision on approval. This is made clear by staffs recommendations. The recommendations are as followed.

The recommendations clearly state that if submitted and application would be processed by staff in accordance with requirements of the planning act. It does not say there is an application nor Council has to make any decisions. The reason for this information report is as followed.

It is also worth mentioning that if down the line a permit was to be issued it would only be issued after all proper studies were done, reviewed and put to the same high standards of all other applications.

In conclusion, this report is only for information purposes and is being brought back to Council due to the large amount of public interest during the December Council meeting and at the request of the Augustinian Fathers (Ontario). It would be incorrect to state that Council is making any decisions, this application if submitted will be processed by staff in accordance with the planning act and this report before Council does not enable any preference or signal Councils endorsement.

I am happy to answer any questions or concerns.


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