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King Township Official Plan

Many residents ask "How do we have our voice heard when it comes to growth and changes in King Township?" The short answer is through our official plan consultation process. This is our chance to have a lasting impact on our future! This council is determined to update our official plan, that is decades old!

A township's official plan is the governing document that lays out how development, growth, heritage, culture, and recreation proceeds over the next number of years. To put it simply, it is our road map for the future and must be referenced in all future decisions.

Our council goal is to have public consultation of the draft plan over the next few months. The draft official plan is online at We are hoping to have the plan in place by the fall of 2019. I urge all Ward 1 residents to take the time to read the document and submit feedback during this consultation period. Please reach out with any questions or concerns, I am happy to help.

Together WE Can Build a Better King!


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