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Huge Victory for Residents - 198 Carmichael Crescent - Westview Star (PK)

On November 9, 2020, Township staff received a confirmation letter from the applicant's solicitor, addressed to the LPAT advising a withdrawal of appeals of the zoning by-law amendment and site plan. Meaning the applicant is no longer seeking to pursue this application.

Since the day I put notices on the doors around the Carmichael area for this application back in October 2019, the residents have been adamant that they did not want this application to happen. I want to thank all the residents who took the time to participate in this process. Council heard countless deputations and received many written submissions, residents took the time to understand the process and be active contributors.

I am happy to be able to deliver this result to residents and I hope this acts as proof that resident input matters! I will continue to keep residents informed on all applications and I hope this wonderful outcome helps inspire Ward 1 residents to remain engaged.

Thank you also to our Mayor for all his work and time on this application.

File No. Z-2019-05

Location - 198 Carmichael Crescent.

Proposal - Temporary use for a model home.

Recieved - June 11, 2019.

Date Deemed Completed - July 4, 2019.

Date of Public Meeting - October 21, 2019.

Status - Resolved, applicant has withdrawn application.


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