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Heritage & Cultural Master Plan

The King Township Heritage & Cultural Master Plan is a comprehensive, long- term outlook designed to support the overall vision of King Township. The Plan emphasizes partnership and collaboration while extending the boundaries of cultural activities beyond the KHCC site to the entirety of the Township. Using innovation and maximizing existing resources, the Plan will provide more opportunities to share King’s history, support partner organizations, safeguard valuable heritage assets and promote community engagement. The intention of the Plan is to achieve immediate institutional needs while aligning with King Township’s Official Plan and the Corporate Strategic Plan. It identifies crucial methods for tracking indicators of success and creates a guide for long-term enrichments to the cultural environment of King Township. The Plan will guide staff in maintaining King’s unique identity, care for its heritage collections and celebrate the cultural assets that King has to offer. At the conclusion of the ten years the goal of the plan is have King broadly known as a cultural destination.

King Township has gathered to establish a long-term direction for culture and heritage in King Township. The Plan aligns activities to celebrate and care for our culture and heritage with the following actions being taken:

A report is coming to council, if you wish to participate in the conversation please follow the instructions below:

To view the full Council Report Linked, click here.

To view the full Heritage & Cultural Master Plan, click here.

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