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Height of Accessory Structures in R4 Zoned Areas

Last July, residents in Ward 1 came forward to express their concerns over a large cabana structure being built in the newer subdivisions in King City. After reviewing the cabana in question, it was permitted and was following all necessary zoning by-laws.

Most residents were still concerned over future permits and wanted a review of the height allowance on accessory structures. I agreed with residents that secondary structures should be allowed but to the point of not disrupting other properties. I put forward a resolution to staff to create a report to explore the problem, all members of Council supported the resolution.

The full staff report can be found here:

The report outlines the issue and recommends that Council allow planning staff to review the matter in more depth during upcoming zoning by-law housing keeping review. The by-law is interconnected and a more broad review will help ensure that any changes do not have unintended consequences.

I support these recommendations and look forward to staff reviewing this matter in more detail. I encourage residents who have concerns to contact myself and stay involved in the process.


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