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Go Transit Network Crossing Enhancement Program Starting Soon

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

I am very excited to share the good news that has come from a Senior Manager at Metrolinx/Go Transit. I have heard many times about the train whistle, and growing up here in King City they were never that bad.

However, with the increased frequency of trains the whistle has become an irritant for King City residents (I hear you and have been advocating nonstop for a remedy from Go Transit). Below is a more detailed timeline on improvements that will be made at the expensive of Go Transit (not King Township) to allow us to apply to stop the whistle.

Metrolinx will soon be embarking on a grade crossing enhancement program that will involve installation of various safety measures at crossings across the GO Transit network.

This will result in operating circumstances that surpass Transport Canada requirements. While we are currently reviewing the project parameters, we anticipate that these improvements will also satisfy (or come close to satisfying) whistle cessation requirements.

While overall program implementation is expected to extend into 2024, a package of ‘priority’ crossings has been developed to include those crossings where there a specific interest in advancing improvements has been expressed.

This includes three crossings in King Township:

  • Station Road

  • Dufferin Street

  • 15th Sideroad

The intent is to initiate works at these locations next year - with the caveat that there may be unforeseen circumstances (feasibility, constructability, contractual issues etc.) that may result in postponement.

Hearing this news makes me optimistic that King City residents will soon have the peace and quiet while still enjoying safe, green and accessible public transit. I will continue to advocate as this is a top priority to achieve. If you have any questions please reach out.

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