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Delivering on the Promise of Traffic Calming In Our Neighbourhoods

The biggest issue I heard during the election was regarding the need for real traffic calming measures to be put in place to protect the residents of Ward 1. Residents did not feel safe walking on their own roads. During this term I have continuously advocated to put in place real changes that go beyond words.

This upcoming meeting on May 10, 2021, a report is coming to Council on lowering the speed limit down to 40 km/h in all residential areas that are currently 50 km/h or higher. This is the largest change in residential speed limits in King Township history. I am extremely proud of this work being done by Council and know it will have a true lasting impact on the safety of all residents throughout the Township. Below I will post the list of roads proposed to be reduced.

I will also ensure that these speed limits are posted at the entrances of subdivisions so it is clear to motorists. If you continue to experience speeding, dangerous driving and would like to report a road for consideration of traffic calming measures please follow this link below.

Please use the system that Council and staff worked hard to put into place. I truly believe we have a fair responsive system that will tackle problems and get results. This system is unbiased and relies on measurable data (such as average speed, number of vehicles, if sidewalks are present or not....etc.) to determine what the problem may be and what the best measures are. If you wish to see the whole policy please click here.

Safety is a top priority for residents and myself. I am proud to see the actions being taken towards creating a safer King Township.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


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