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Council Approves 3 Outdoor Ice Rinks in King City for Winter 2021/2022

After two years of advocating for this program I am happy to say that I have now officially delivered this new service level to Ward 1!

Council has now adopted a new outdoor rink policy. I want to thank staff, fellow members of Council, the Mayor and the residents of Ward 1 who have stepped up to help volunteer and make this happen. I also want to make it very clear that this increase in service level comes after Council passed a flat zero increase budget for 2021 and is planning to do the same for 2022. More services less taxes. I want to keep building on the great success we have had this term.

Below are some highlights of the report passed by Council.

REPORT HIGHLIGHTS: PURPOSE: To secure Council authorization for the installation of three (3) outdoor community operated ice rink locations.

BACKGROUND: Over the past few years staff and members of Council have been approached by various community members regarding opportunities to provide outdoor ice rinks in neighbourhood parks throughout King Township in addition to the Township operated facilities at the King City Lions Arena and the Dr. William Laceby Nobleton Community Centre and Arena.

These requests were enhanced during the 2020/2021 winter as it was identified community members had been using stormwater management ponds as outdoor skating rinks which is prohibited due to numerous safety concerns.

Due to these factors, staff have been exploring locations to provide opportunities for safe, community operated outdoor ice rinks.

Monday, September 27, 2021

  • Staff are recommending allowing various community groups to operate outdoor ice rinks.

  • Proposed locations are based on community feedback and identified volunteer personnel.

  • Council adoption will allow for services to be constructed this fall.


Community Services Department - Parks Division Report COM-PRK-2021-01 Based on the initial requests, site reviews and available funding opportunities staff are recommending the installation of three locations in King City this fall including:

  • Rafferty's Corners Park - In Ward 1 (Near Holy Name)

  • Salamander Park - In Ward 1 (Behind Coppa's Plaza)

  • Kettle Lake Park


Staff are confident that the installation at Rafferty's Corners Park can be completed and ready to operate for the 2021/2022 season and will make best efforts to complete the other two locations however both Kettle Lake Park and Salamander Park will undergo construction based projects this fall that may limit the ability to finalize the work, with the understanding that they would be available for future seasons if this occurs.


I am beyond happy that King Township will be reinvesting and collaborating with volunteers to bring the greatest Canadian pastime right into our local parks. I cannot emphasis how important this will be in building a better community for our children.

With that said I am putting the call out to all residents who can lend their time. The only way these programs can work in a cost effective manner is if we have volunteers. If you can spare a few hours to supervise, help with construction, or able to help organize schedules for these ice rinks, we need you! Please reach out directly to myself or send an email to with the subject line outdoor rink volunteer.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to represent Ward 1 and bring these wonderful programs to life for everyone to enjoy! See you on the ice!


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