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Continuing to Invest in Our Road Network for a Better Tomorrow!

A commitment I made during the election was to invest in our roadway networks. Paving roads makes them safer, reduces operating costs associated with maintaining gravel roads, and ensures an equal level of service for all residents.

I am proud of this Council for deciding to tackle this issue and finally get our roads up to the highest standards possible. The speed and dedication in which Township staff have been able to get this level of project going in incredible!

Below you will see the ambitious plans for road paving in King Township.

Please note all the paving from Lisbon Paving that was not completed in 2019 was extended into 2020. The quoted price remains the same for the 2019 road paving and new road paving projects in 2020. This was incredible work from staff to negotiate these savings.

This year has been a challenging year for every Canadian but I remain optimistic that investing in long lasting infastucture projects will help create jobs and improve the standard of living for all residents in King Township.


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