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Budget 2021

We are currently in the process of feedback for the 2021 King Township budget. If you are interested in providing feedback please click here.

The agenda with the budget items can be found by clicking here.

Just to remind residents your property tax bill is split between King Township, York Region and the Education Board. The budget King Township Council controls accounts for 40% of your property tax bill. Not ever dollar residents pay goes to supporting King Township most of it gets sent to the Region of York and the Education Board (60% combined).

June 2020, Council directed staff to bring back a near flat or zero budget for the year of 2021. Staff is now presenting Council with a 0.81% budget increase. We are also be considering the approval of the capital budget that has 103 projects listed in it. Below is a few examples.

The largest project is in Ward 1 which is the Town Wide Recreation Centre. We recently just extended the land lease for the site to 99 years up from the original 60 years. One of my original concerns was that the 60 years not being long enough and I am glad Council managed to extend the term to 99 years.

York Region has already passed a budget below is the impact of their budget compared to the 0.81% increase asked for in our draft budget.

As the chart above clearly indicates that assessment values have gone up but the Region of York is still taking a sizeable increase. The current King Township draft budget increase is much smaller than the one passed at York Region.

In conclusion, I cannot control the increases from York Region but I will be advocating for a zero percent budget at Monday nights budget meeting. During these challenging times King Township must do everything possible to provide relief for residents. I know my Council colleagues have shared the same viewpoint and Council will work hard to deliver this to residents.


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