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Bill 108: More Homes, More Choice Act, 2019New Growth Plan: ”A Place to Grow: The Growth Plan.

The Provincial Government has announced new legislation that is intended to create more housing in the Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario. Home affordability is much on the minds of many residents in all of Ontario. I am glad to see this issue is being tackled head on by the Provincial government.

However, this legislation has positive and negative attributes associated with it.

King Township Planning staff expressed their views in part as:

“Overall, Planning staff is generally supportive of the changes to the Growth Plan proposed by Amendment No. 1 which have the intended purpose of providing additional flexibility for municipalities to enable growth and development that reflects local context. The changes relating to major transit station areas, rural settlement areas and the agricultural and natural heritage systems are seen as being largely positive.

Planning staff does have concerns with respect to the proposed changes to intensification and density targets, employment planning, and settlement area boundary expansions."

I strongly agree with the report in which it states that there is not enough details to fully understand this legislation as well as there needs to be more consultation with Municipalities. The full staff report can be found here.

Since this is a Provincial matter I do encourage all residents with concerns to contact our MPP for King-Vaughan, Stephen Lecce.

2220 King Rd. Unit 1 King City, ON L7B 1L3

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