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204 Dew Street New Public Meeting

There will be a public hearing on this application in front of Council. Please see details below on how to participate.

The application has had already on public meeting and one public hearing in front of Council. This second supplementary meeting for the applicant to present a new proposal based off of the concerns heard from residents.

The new proposal above is an attempt to change the layout and build form of the application to cater to the residents complaints regarding shadowing, buffer, fence heights and build form.

This application still has to go through detailed technical review and by no means is being endorsed by Township staff or Council at this time. The following still has to be reviewed by Township staff, York Region and peer reviewers.

I want to emphasis to residents that this public meeting is for you to have your input, as the applicant has resubmitted and has shown that they are wanting to contribute a development that improves King City. Council is just receiving comments and will not make any decisions.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


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