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1986 King Road - Yearly Update

File No. OP-2019-05, Z-2019-13 and SPD-19-64

Location - 1986 King Road - Parcel on the north side of King Road just west of the King City Public Library.

Proposal - 20 stacked townhomes that are four storeys in height.

Received Application - October 30, 2019.

Date Application Deemed Completed - November 26, 2019.

Date of Public Meeting- June 29, 2020.

Current Status - Waiting for resubmission (2nd submission). This submission is supposed to address concerns brought up at the public meeting.

Council Decision - No Council decision has been made. Pending 2nd submission, staff report, and to schedule a meeting date.

Personal Comments - It is nice to see a new form of housing being proposed in Ward 1. My concerns surround the issue of access for emergency vehicles, parking and visitor parking, and the functionality of a private laneway. But I am excited that this is a more affordable, environmentally friendly, and unique aesthetic form of building housing. I hope the applicant can address concerns in the next submission.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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