About Me

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My name is Jordan Alexander Cescolini and I am a proud life long resident of King Township. Over the years, I have seen a lot of change within our beautiful community. I came to the realization that municipal government plays a major role in shaping our community. Local elections have consequences, this election is no different. 


Within this election there are two clear choices, the first choice is to continue down a path of unplanned development with no oversight or vision, a path of ignoring traffic congestion due to minimal investment in our roads, and a path towards less transparency and accountability in local council. The second choice, is a path to CHANGE, it is a chance for our local community to step up and have their voices heard and their interests served.

I am proud to run for Ward 1 in King Township and being part of the process of advocating for change in our community. Below I am proud to outline What I Stand For and my Personal Guarantee to all members of the community. I ask everyone to hold King Township's Council to a higher standard and to join me in making a positive change in King Township!