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Ward 1 - King Township

Councillor Jordan Alexander Cescolini

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Hello, my name is Jordan Alexander Cescolini, and I am currently your Ward 1 Councillor in beautiful King Township. I am a proud lifelong resident, and it has been quite an honour and privilege to represent residents of Ward 1 for the last four years!

I am asking residents to continue to support strong, bold and innovative leadership that has led to tangible results in our community! I stand by my record of making the long-term fiscally sound decisions that have resulted in the wonderful achievements listed below. 

With the support of our community I look forward to the opportunity to serve residents for another term. Thank you for your assistance.

Accomplishments for the Community

New Ward 1 Community Centre 

When I took office 4years ago, the Ward 1 Community Centre was only planned to have one ice rink and possibly an indoor pool. But as I promised residents, I advocated to each level of Government to come together to invest in Ward 1.


Now instead of a basic Community Centre, Ward 1 is getting a $ 52.9 million dollar complex at zero cost to the taxpayer. My advocating resulted in an investment of $ 21.1 million from the Government of Canada and  $ 17.6 million from the Government of Ontario. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 8.16.56 PM.png

King Township had to provide a portion of funding which I am happy to report that I helped to leverage our portion of  $ 14.1 million dollars from the developers of the King Northeast Landowners Group. This means that this entire Community Centre will not cost taxpayers of Ward 1 a single penny!

Here are some quick facts about the new Community Centre:

  • Largest investment in King Township history at $ 52.9 million dollars.

  • Over 124,000 square feet of recreational space on 25 acres of land.

  • Will feature 2 NHL sized rinks with one rink having grandstand seating capacity. 

  • Large indoor pool with various wading pools for children and seniors.

  • Indoor turf field with running track.

  • Outside space will be filled with soccer fields and baseball diamonds.

  • Multiuse field house to facilitate outdoor field uses.

  • The total project did not cost residents a single penny.

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 8.21.15 PM.png

Lowest Tax Increase Ever

I am helping to set new standards with fiscal responsibility of your money by having the lowest tax increases not only in all of the GTA but also in a King Township 4 year term. While in office, taxes only went up on average of 1.11% well below the inflation rate. If operating costs had not increased dramatically due to Covid-19, I would have delivered a tax decrease. 

Improving Service Levels and Response Time

Worked with Council and staff to implement ServiceKing and a new CRM (Computer Record Management System) to increase response time to residents and ensure no inquiry is lost. This also allows Council to gather critical information and be able to budget for the most present needs of the community. 

Traffic Calming Policy

Proudly championed King Township's first ever Traffic Calming Strategy! I heard residents loud and clear and while in this term of Council, I was the strongest voice advocating to make our roads safer! The new policy eliminates all uncertainty and provides residents with clear policies on how roads are evaluated and how traffic calming measures can be achieved. This policy also allowed us to reduce all residential road speed limits down to a much safer 40 km/h. I will continue to advocate for safer roads! But I am proud to say that in this current term of Council, more traffic calming measures (speed bumps, lowering speed limit, flexible bollards, line painting to reduce lane size and more) were installed throughout King Township then ever before! Please read more from my previous post here.

On the Road

Delivering Outdoor Rinks During Covid Lockdowns

As we all witnessed these last two years Covid-19 caused our world to stop. This included the closure of our valuable Community Centres. But the spirit to play was alive and well in our community. I am so proud that I brought forward the idea of more outdoor rinks in our local parks. Council approved three outdoor rinks in the winter of 2021/2022. Two of which were in Ward 1 (Rafferty’s Corners Park near Holy Name and Salamander Park behind the Coppa’s Plaza). I want to thank the incredible volunteers that made this possible by helping construct and monitor these two outdoor rinks.

Ice Skating on Frozen Lake

If I am elected again, I promise to secure funding to make both outdoor rinks permanent in these two locations. This means a full board system so that in the summer residents can play ball hockey and, in the winter, it can be flooded to create an amazing outdoor rink.

King Township Library and Seniors' Centre

I was honoured to be a member of the Library Board this term. This gave me the opportunity to oversee the construction of the new library and seniors' centre! This space was completed on time and on budget. It seamlessly blends traditional and modern designs to create a focal point in the heart of Ward 1. I am overjoyed that our community has a brand-new gathering space to come together to play, learn, laugh and live!

The addition of the seniors' centre into the new facility will ensure that we can continue to provide a safe programming space for our seniors to thrive in. I look forward to attending a few of the many euchre nights

with our wonderful seniors.

Old library

Lastly, I have had the pleasure of also serving on the Policy Committee of the Library Board and I am also proud to announce our entire King Township Public Library system is now fine free. This means we will no longer enforce late fees. This will ensure we provide equal access to our public library resources and increase equality and inclusion. Damaged or lost materials will still be charged for. But this policy is a great step to ensure inclusion for all residents.

More Accomplishments:

  • Passed King Township’s New Official Plan.

  • Approved and finished King City streetscaping project, which includes the addition of bike lanes, new lighting standards and the beautification along King Road.

  • Approved all-way stop and speed bumps on Elizabeth Grove and Patton Street.

  • Traffic lights installed at the dangerous intersection of 17th Sideroad and Keele Street.

  • Changed both of King Township’s waste water and water rates so every residential home pays the same fee regardless of pipe size into the home.

  • Help King Township declare a climate change emergency, and currently working to reduce emissions by 35%.

  • Advocated against Stateview Development to achieve valuable concessions that helped to protect an established neighbourhood.

  • Paved more gravel roads in King Township than any other Council term in Township history.

  • Fought and won against Westview Star to prevent a model home at 198 Carmichael Crescent.

  • Streamlined the pool permit process for new subdivisions.

  • Advocated against the development at 12765, 12781, 12789 Keele Street and 17 Elizabeth Grove. Delivered a huge win to residents by reducing the height, unit count, gaining 5% greenspace, getting a 3-metre buffer as well as other concessions.

  • Kept residents up to date with my newsletter as promised!

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